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Durban ,KZN, South Africa
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We are currently seeking a Delivery Assistant to support our Delivery Driver in efficiently delivering products to our valued customers, while adhering to Clover's policies and procedures. Please find detailed information regarding the minimum requirements, duties, and responsibilities outlined below.

Minimum Requirements:
• High school diploma or equivalent NQF4 certification

While the traditional role of "Messenger" might not be as common in
South Africa anymore, there are various delivery-based positions
gaining traction in the gig economy and formal job market. Here's how
you can excel in such roles:

• RELIABILITY AND PUNCTUALITY: Deliveries depend on your ability to
meet deadlines and schedules consistently.
• STRONG WORK ETHIC: Be prepared for potentially long hours and
demanding tasks, maintaining a positive attitude and commitment to
completing your deliveries efficiently.
• NAVIGATION SKILLS Familiarity with the areas you'll be delivering
in is crucial. Utilize GPS effectively and learn prominent landmarks
to navigate efficiently.
• PHYSICAL FITNESS: Depending on the delivery method (e.g., walking,
cycling, motorbike), maintaining good physical fitness can be
advantageous, especially if carrying packages.
• CUSTOMER SERVICE: Even brief interactions with recipients require
courtesy and professionalism. Treat them with respect and address any
concerns politely.

• DRIVER'S LICENSE: Obtaining a valid driver's license opens up
opportunities for delivery roles utilizing motorized vehicles, like
motorbikes or cars.
• CLEAN CRIMINAL RECORD: Many companies conduct criminal background
checks, so maintaining a clean record strengthens your application.
apps, navigating online platforms, and communicating effectively (both
verbally and in writing) is often expected.

• Relevant experience applying job-related concepts, techniques, and processes
• Proficiency in Business English
• Willingness to travel off-site and stay overnight as required
• Flexibility to work shifts, weekends, and public holidays

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Delivery Responsibilities:
• Ensure timely delivery of stock
• Maintain stock integrity throughout the delivery process
• Deliver products according to invoices and customer specifications
• Ensure products are delivered at the prescribed temperature
• Handle containers, including pallets and crates, with care
• Assist in collecting and securing cash payments
• Adhere to stock recheck procedures as necessary
• Comply with safety rules and regulations during deliveries
• Assist with vehicle roadworthy checks
• Return Stock Duties:
• Pick up authorized product returns
• Maintain the cold chain during return transportation
• Adhere to Principal return standards
• Differentiate between good and bad stock returns
• Administrative Tasks:
• Verify all invoices and uplifts before departure
• Ensure all route documents (invoice, pallet slip, return authorization, customer claim) are returned
• Obtain full Proof of Delivery (POD) with customer signature
• Make document modifications as needed
• Ensure returns and documents are handled according to procedureCheck and assist to load orders in the vehicle every day validate invoices against loaded stock take responsibility of goods loaded and offloaded from theRequirementsYou will find that teamwork at the company can help you grow with top-notch training, as well as ours education programs and the opportunities they offer. Our company can take you anywhere while providing the benefits you need for your life and professional career.Carefully read information : To apply for this position, create a quality resume. Here are some tips on how to create a great Resume:Go straight to the point. This is a basic tip, but much overlooked by candidates; Divide the curriculum content by topics; Avoid formatting that deviates from the rules; Use simple but appropriate language; Avoid pretensions to salary; Review carefully; Speak the truth, be honest (a)!Submit Resume Observe carefully on page d and inscription of the jobs as the résumé is sent.